The power of a network, agility and more 

« Because success relies on team work »


Succeeding in a network, is to appropriate methods of success that have been tested and validated by those who welcome you.
Succeeding in TRANS EUROPE NETWORK is to be willing to receive the skills accumulated by the founders, affiliates and partners.

Share the best practices, exchange hand tricks, sharing the most cost effective solutions, respect clients and colleagues, this is the philosophy and commitment of those who will join this new brand of European transport.

There are no TEN « products », only « methods ».
Our goal: to optimize organization services of transportation, multimodal, national and international, and chartering within an efficient operating framework.

Affiliates of the network have access to modern tools, effective, efficient, high-tech, implementing IT in its most recent developments, customers and suppliers databases, experienced operating procedures, etc.. 

Alain Chalret du Rieu.

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